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First craft fair of the 2011 holiday season!

Come see our new bean bag line, and tons and tons of new sock puppets.  We have great scarves and a few ponchos in stock, and with 55 degree weather predicted, it might be a good day to buy a new warm scarf.

Looks like tons of fun for the whole family with pumpkins, games and great vendors.


Lots of new things

First, we are now mainly selling from Etsy.  All products will be listed here, but the purchases will go through our Etsy store.

Next, we have bean bags and rice bags!  Check out the cute animal friends!

Craft fairs are coming up, and our new calendar will list our events.

And, stay tuned for some special crafts from Panda’s daughter!  Who knows what the three year old might make?!

Pink and Blue Sparkly KittyShark RicePink Black and Camo Puppy Rice

It’s Craft Fair Season!

We have so many new things exclusive for this holiday season.  Mini-Puppets, Mobius Scarves, and a line of Toddler Hats and Mittens.

Come see us!

Panda (Illinois) will be at:

Elk Grove Village  “Holiday Happenings” – October 17th

College of DuPage “A Holiday Happening” – November 6th and 7th

Tortoise (New Mexico) will be at:

Gingerbread and Gumdrops Holiday Craft Show – November 6th

Eisenhower 5 Star Craft Fair –   December 11th

World Cup!

We have soccer puppets!  Inspired by the World Cup, we have soccer players and referees.

And, for a chance to win one, go to FACEBOOK, like us and play along.  It’s Six Degrees of Soccer…

Using only actors or actresses in movies, connect together as many soccer movies as you can. Any movie in which soccer plays a non-trivial role counts. Identify the actor and the role that soccer plays in the film. The longest consecutive chain of soccer movies wins!  A movie fanatic and former soccer referee will be the final judge on whether a connected movie actually contains enough soccer to count.

Lions and Tigers and Pirates, Oh My!

New puppets! Check out the new lines including Zoo Animals and Pirates!  Coming soon we will have puppets for small hands.

Other crafts are also in the works, and rumor has it that Tortoise might start writing some about what started all this madness!

Hope you are having a great summer.


We have PUPPETS!

Puppets are here! Tortoise has been crazy busy making tons of uber-cute sock puppets. There are puppets for all ages. Check them out!

AND – from now until April 15th, a portion of all puppet sales will go to St. Jude Children’s Hospital with David Kav on the Writing the Rails tour.

New Lines, New Giveaways, New Charity

It’s March! We are working hard on new products. Tortoise has made a ton of sock puppets. They have been so popular, we sold out! Until we get some up on the site, you can look for them at Gloria’s Coffee in Elmwood Park, IL and

We are doing another giveaway this month We will announce winners later on.

T&P has donated a sock puppet to a drawing being held on March 18 at a fundraiser for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. The drawing is for kids only and all money raised will be hand delivered by David Kav of during his April trip to Memphis.

Hope March is treating all of you well!

More giveaways

We just gave away 3 gift certificates to fans on our email list. We will give away more in March. Be sure to sign up for the email list to be eligible!

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